430 Turk


House of demons

I'm creating this site to talk about a haunting that I created in the building located at 430 Turk Street in San Francisco, California.  The building is the sight of continued demonic research and home to many demons.  I have been living here since 2012 and have been doing research on the properties of demons and paranormal beings as a whole.  My findings are in the Pan Mythica, a collection of occult textbooks teaching about the various religious paths studied while living at 430 Turk.

Most of the magical rites performed to achieve these results are from channeled material coming from another planet called Kidasuna.  There are few rules dealing with secrecy of the craft like in most human pagan belief systems.  The books are collectively called The Prophecy.  This collection of books deal with the religions on Kidasuna, which follow a path of darkness, chaos and mayhem.

The purpose of this site is for the results of and the evidence that dark sorcery does work.  On this site will be presented photographic proof that demons exist.  "All things exist unless otherwise proven."  The magic used by me and those that have dabbled in The Prophecy have experienced strange events, bad feelings and general weirdness.  Even those that have used witchcraft and other forms of magic have experienced insane levels of energy from The Prophecy's spells.

In this building are many portals, some were here when I moved in and others, me and my friends opened for the sake of experimenting in the conjurations of demons.  The whole purpose of this experimenting is to allow the sorcerers who come after me to summon demons into material reality.  Many books write about summoning demons into corporeal form, but only mine has had the success of actually doing it three times with photos to prove it.  So far I'm the only sorcerer on Earth with clear, sharp images of demons and other spiritual beings.  Many of my original photos are up to 1080p and some as high as 15 mega pixels.  Some are so clear that you can see internal anatomy and the fine structures of their energy as smoke is caught into their energy matrix.

In many of my rituals, the demon will be caught in motion as I snap photos of it.  I have several such frame sets.  With research like this, I have to leave the portals open so things can happen.  Sometimes the research calls for a death, something that will appear in the news such as the "SF Body Parts in a Suitcase" that involved a failed spell that gave me the opportunity to study the actual process by which demons will influence change in order to create the results.  If the news reported on good things in such detail, I could use white magic, but that isn't the case.  Bad people have to die for research.

The Trump Campaign

Donald Trump is actually a curse.  Yes, I said it.  This is one of my experiments in the darkest spell craft I have yet performed.  Hillary lost because of many factors, but one was a series of curses I put on her.  She created the back story for Pizza Gate on her own; the demons of The Prophecy just helped it surface.  Being friends with a pedophile is still wrong, given my lack of morality.  I still see the disgusting nature of Hillary's connections.

"Eww, eww, eww, get it away from me!"

When Trump won, I was practically in ecstasy over it, "not the pill."  I was told through my channeling of the aliens on Kidasuna that he would win and that I would create his victory.  Trump had won and I was calling for martial law through more spells; I never really got it, but scores were arrested though.  A small triumph I guess.

Now we get to the good shit.  Rodrigo Duterte; him, he is miracle worker in his homeland, the Philippines.  Those that look up 430 Turk St. will learn that this building needs Duterte's help.  I worked further spells and summoned the hosts of Hell for this next part.  Trump and Duterte would meet, I got that finished.  Now Trump is talking about the death penalty for Drug Dealers, though the addicts should be killed as well.  It is a start, but I wonder how much sorcery it will take to begin the cleansing.  "How much for that meat?"

We also have the wall and immigration, another issue which I needed Trump for.  Trump's views on immigration are not the result of my sorcery.  His views come from his racist father; and the wall too.  I agree with the wall and the Muslim ban.  It was a temporary solution.  I'm not casting spells to achieve the wall, we don't really need it with a death penalty for dealers.  I say we should shoot them on the streets and save further money and skip the trial.  "You deal, you die."  That is my official policy for drugs and those that deal them.

There are many issues that Trump has brought up through his ramped Twitting that I don't give a shit about.  All I want is to wipe out violent crime with whatever force it takes.  With my research into demons, I have no personal morality, just a goal and an army of demons to unleash upon the Earth.  Trump is the most awesome.  We have an ugly old guy that is fucking a model and had to pay off a hooker.  The dude is a ladies man.  This just shows that money can buy anything.  If Trump can go home to bed a hot wife each night, there's hope for me yet.

Pan Mythica

The Pan Mythica is a collection of books teaching about Rokat magic and occultism.